Bird Magic



My name is Charles McDonald and I live in Edmonton Alberta Canada. I’m a passionate full time avian photographer that works within and around the Edmonton area. I have traveled the long journey from a self built pinhole cameras, to film cameras and the darkroom to the skillful use of modern digital cameras and lenses. My journey has now taken the form of mastering one of the hardest forms of photography there is and producing the most beautiful artistic images that I can, both technically and esthetically.

Artist Statement:

“My philosophical approach to avian photography is based on my belief of the fascinating perspective between aboriginals and the natural world, one of respect, reverence and self spiritual explorations. There was a time not very long ago.. when the aboriginals viewed the birds and animals not as inferior.. but as superior beings to man. Sent here by the creator to teach man and it is through my photographic experience and my photography that I seek to explore this perspective. This is my religion.”

Fort McKayMuch of this could not be today without the generous funding and support by the Fort McKay First Nation.

"Inspired by our past, Invested in our future."


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