Charles McDonald
Edmonton, AB, CA
Photographer Elusive

Hi Folks!

I built this entire web site myself to showcase the finest photography from my collection and both are under constant evolution of refinement.

There's a lot of myself in here..

I hope you can find enjoyment with what I have done here.


Birds soaring high in the sky,

Graceful wings they swiftly fly,

Their sweet melodies fill the air,

A peaceful sound beyond compare.

These feathered friends we must protect,

For all the joy they do inject,

In our lives they bring delight,

And fill our world with colors bright.

From morning chirps to dusk's last call,

Birds add beauty and awe to all,

They teach us to appreciate,

The wonder of life, big and great.

So let us cherish and preserve,

These creatures that our hearts deserve,

For without them, our world would lack,

The magic that birds bring back.

Birds in Collection